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At Serenity & Body Wellness LLC in Rincon, GA, we offer a wide variety of massage therapies:

• Serenity Express Massage—For those who need stress management but do not have much time to devote to it, the Serenity Express Massage is an ideal solution. Thirty minutes is all you need to enjoy this relaxing experience from an expert massage therapist.

• Aromatherapy Massage—Aromatherapy massage combines the healing power of massage with the relaxation power of scent. The application of the right essential oils can bring you to a new level of peace and bliss. Float away to your happy place on a cloud of eucalyptus and lavender.

• Swedish Massage—The Swedish massage is best known for promoting relaxation. The remarkable strokes cast out toxins from the muscles and improve the flow of oxygen in the blood. The Swedish massage diminishes physical anxiety, which in turn can make you feel more relaxed and satisfied in all aspects of your life.

• Signature Massage—Your massage therapist at Serenity & Body Wellness LLC will work closely with our sister chiropractic office to design a Signature Massage that is specifically designed to address your medical needs.

• Deep Tissue Massage—A deep tissue massage can improve circulation and eradicate toxins in the blood. This massage technique is perfect for those who are recovering from a traumatic injury or stress injury.

• Prenatal Massage—Prenatal massage is designed to help both baby and mama. This massage reduces stress, promotes relaxation, increases blood circulation, and relieves tension in the shoulders and lower back.

• Hot Stone Massage—Our Hot Stone Massage utilizes the healing power of heat energy. This technique is ideal for those who are experiencing tension in their back, neck and shoulders.

Our massage therapists are always attentive and sensitive to our clients' needs. Call today for your free health consultation in Rincon, GA.

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